Association for International Affairs


The Association for International Affairs was established in 1945 as the Kring voor Internationale Betrekkingen (KIB). The society was founded by Prof. Dr. De Raeymaeker with the support of the then Ministers of State Paul van Zeeland and Frans van Cauwelaert. It is the second oldest and one of the largest interfacultary student societies of the KU Leuven.
Everyone who has taken an interest at KIB is free to attend our events (in Louvain, Belgium), as well as following this site and our facebook page. You can always contact us by browsing to our contact page.

The goal is to inform and raise university students’ consciousness about developments in international affairs. This is of great importance, because all today’s major issues have acquired an international dimension. Moreover, since the end of the Cold War the bipolar world has disappeared and problems are becoming ever more complex as they get entangled in a web of new forces. See the list of events we have organised in the past and will organise in the future.

One of the main ways to stimulate enthusiasm for international affaires is Global, the magazine of KIB. The editors of Global want to offer a platform for all opinions and ideologies and is open for contributions about ecological, social, cultural, political and economical issues in international affairs. Besides an online website, Global is also available in print. Input from readers is always welcome, so please feel free to comment on all texts or send us a draft of a text you want to get published.


The current board of 2014-2015 is composed as follows:

  • President: Wout Robijns
  • Vice-President: Lars Stollenwerk
  • Treasurer: Joachim Staes
  • Editor-in-chief Global: Massimiliano Simons
  • Editor Global: Tim Christiaens
  • Public Relations: Johan Van den Brande
  • Team PR: Stijn Vandeperre, Andrea Stamp
  • Event Manager: Ben Eersels
  • Team Event: Laurence Bielen, Arthur Nieuwland
  • Other board members:  Geertrui De Samblanx, Arno Vanermen, Jan Vanlommel, Mona Vera

Contact: or our contact page


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